The Grand Challenges of the 21st century will fully reflect on engineering. The world population is growing yet we continue to pursue higher levels of well-being. The increasing energy demands and the problems resulting from climate change are only two of the many major challenges humanity is facing in the 21st century. Engineers have an essential role to play in meeting these grand challenges and in shaping our future societies. Whether they recognize it or not, in so doing they will encounter a whole range of ethical choices and dilemmas that they will have to deal with. These ethical issues play a role in engineering practices in all parts of the world, but especially in emerging economies that are industrializing at a fast pace. Professional engineers need to be well-equipped to recognize and analyze such ethical questions in their daily practice.

 In this workshop, participants will get acquainted with the basic concepts and issues of engineering ethics. The workshop has two purposes. First, we will focus on the role of the engineer in an organization. The issues that will be discussed include responsibility in an organization, the responsibility of the engineering organizations toward the society (e.g. Corporate Social Responsibility), Codes of Conduct and conflicts of interest. Second, we will focus on the practice of engineering. We aim to create awareness about the ethical dilemmas and problem that will rise in the practice of engineering; unlike the common belief that the engineering is a ‘neutral’ practice, many ethical choices are made – implicitly or explicitly – in the actual practice of engineering.

The course will be provided by the Department of Values, Technology and innovation at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology. This group takes a world-leading position in teaching and developing ‘engineering ethics’ courses and modules. The course will be taught partly in Persian partly in English. There will be translation provided for the English parts.

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